Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Norbu Sweetener - Product Review

The latest sugar alternative product to hit the market is Norbu, is it good, bad and do you believe all the hype? Here is a critical review of the Norbu the natural sweetener

What is Norbu?

  • Norbu is a granulated natural sugar that is made from monk fruit (or luo han guo) – used for centuries in Asia

  • Sugar alternative

How is it different to sugar?

  • 200 x sweeter

  • 0.5 calories per tsp compared to 387 calories per tsp

  • Almost no glycaemic impact

How is it different to stevia and other natural sweeteners?

  • Not as bitter

Is it safe?

  • It is certified by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) for use in both food and beverages.

  • It is also fructose free

Why is it mixed with Erythritol?

  • Just like stevia is it mixed with Erythritol so it may be used by the spoonful

Can I use it the same way I do sugar and/or other sugar substitutes?

  • YES! Use 2/3rds Norbu instead of the amount of sugar you would of used in a recipe, tea, coffee, smoothies etc. (you may find you need even less)

Is it safe for diabetics?

  • YES! It is natural & NOT artificial as well as being low G.I

What are its Stats?

Serving Size: 100 g,

Per Serve

Do I believe the hype?

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