Sunday, 25 September 2016

Why Keep a Food Diary?

Being accountable to your food intake can ultimately be the difference between achieving your goal and not achieving your goal. One of the easiest ways to be accountable is to keep a food diary. You can track what you eat, when you eat, when you stick to your plan and when you struggle to.

It is such an amazing tool to keep you on track, conscious of your intake, and watching out for areas you can improve on. It is NOT about making yourself feel bad or pointing out every time you went s stray from the meal plan.
It is all about ACCOUNTABILITY.

How can I keep a food diary?
  • Writing it down on paper or in a journal
  • Using an app on your phone, ipad or laptop (i.e. Doc's Diet Diary)

What do I need to track?
  • How much you eat AND drink– portions in cups or grams
  • What you eat – everything involved writing ‘salad’ is no descriptive enough
  • When you eat – timing is everything with food intake when you eat can affect your progress
  • Why you eat – is it according to your meal plan? Is it because you are bored?

What else should I track on my food diary?
  • Your thoughts/emotions – can help you understand why you make certain food choices
  • Any symptoms you are having – if there is an intolerance? Or fatigue in a training session
  • Your training – to ensure you are fueling your body & staying accountable to your training
  • Supplements & medications – to ensure you are sticking to your regime and timing

Should I share my food diary?
Not on Facebook but to a trusted health & fitness professional that can give you some honest and constructive feedback on how you are going. Making a few small adjustments can be the difference between achieving your goal and not achieving your goal

At Naed Nutrition we offer food diary feedback as part of many of our packages and services however you can choose it on it’s own for only $10 per week: Food Diary Feedback