Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Fighting Festivity Failures

It’s back again, Christmas time! With under 4 weeks till Christmas there is everything from Christmas parties to get-to-gethers to dinners to cocktails to afternoon teas and everything else in between. Don’t want to be the average person who gains 3-4kg over Christmas period and be part of that 50% of people who only loose half of that weight gained within the next year. Here 10 tips on how to maintain and even continue to lose weight of the festive season.

1. Portion Control
  • Only eat what you would normally eat. Have a normal plate size full of food and leave it at that. You don’t have to eat it because it’s there! You wouldn’t normally go for seconds at home, don’t do it here. This goes for sit down meals, buffets, lunches, dinners you name it!

2. Sit down and eat
  • Don’t stand around the food table or stand in the kitchen and eat, you will end up eating a plate load of food before you’ve even sat down to enjoy it.

3. Bring a better option
  • If it’s a function where it’s ‘Bring a Plate’ Bring something that is a better option, like a salad, or some homemade dip and veggie sticks so you know there is a better option for you

4. Choose the best option
  • Fill up on salad, and veg rather than fried, high salt, high fat, high calorie, high starch foods. Always go for steamed/baked options with plenty of veg and you can’t go wrong

5. Stay hydrated
  • Water often gets forgotten about this time of year, except when it’s too late and you have a blinding headache from dehydration. Have plenty of cod refreshing water with lemon or lime to aid digestion and promote adequate hydration all day (and night)

6. Be food savvy
  • Don’t know what’s in something? Simply ask! That way you will avoid eating the wrong thing which otherwise you may have thought was a good option

7. Chew slowly
  • Not only is this good for your digestive system and will allow you to absorb more nutrients, will you be able to register that you’re full in a much more timely fashion.

8. Pre-eat
  • If a function is later or not your normal eating time, eat before you go. Arriving to a function starving is a big no no as you will end up eating the first things you see. Pre-eating will allow you to make more sensible choices.

9. Don’t skip the work outs
  • The more you miss, the harder it will be to get back into it come new year. You can spare 30mins-1 hour a day on exercise. Consistency and maintenance is the key this time of year.

10. Enjoy the company
  • Enjoy the festive season and celebrating with friends, family and co-workers rather than focusing on all the food and alcohol that comes along with it. I guarantee if you focus on the company more, the temptations of food will decrease. 

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