Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Holiday Without the Weight Gain

So you’re going on holiday…and you’re about undoing your hard work from the past 6months to get your body in pristine condition specifically for your holiday. Never fear, simply follow these guidelines & you will ensure that you won’t come back with an extra 7 kgs in excess body weight! (7kg of extra Luggage of course is ok :))

· 2L water daily – bring bottle everywhere
· Find your nearest supermarket to buy supplies i.e breakfast/snacks/water
· Take snacks from the buffet breakfast  to do you for during the day
· Stick to your normal portions sizes as much as possible
· Share main meals and get a side of salad/vegetables
· Alcohol free nights every week
· Find a gym/park for you to exercise
· Plan active outings and day trips
· Eat regularly
· Have as much fresh produce as possible

· Over eat at the buffet breakfast every morning
· Fill up on bread at every meal
· Skip a meal
· Consume alot of high salt foods i.e pickles 
· Increase sugar and carbohydrate intake i.e chocolate and pasta
· Starters and desserts every night
· All you can eat breakfast, lunch, dinner
· Avoid veg
· Avoid exercise
· Alcohol with every meal
· Coffee with every meal 
· Have a lot of high saturated fat foods – i.e pastries 

For a more personalised approach to your eating simply email sinead@imperiumpt.com.au to find out how to get an eating plan creating for you & your goals.